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I specialises in Website Redesign, you could say its how I get my thrills (sad, but true). There is nothing more satisfying than taking old, tired looking and slow loading websites and giving them a new life – and bringing them in line with current best practices.

I always say

Your Website is Like a Toaster…

When it gets old, it will burn your toast!

The benefits of a website redesign are many, here are 5 of the most important:

  1. Google will rank you better because your new site will follow every current best practice. (Marketing)
  2. Your online presence will better represent your brand. (Marketing)
  3. Visitors will likely stay on your site longer, improving no-end the chances of more sales. (User experience)
  4. You can interact faster with your customers. (Customer service)
  5. It will no longer be in the back of your mind that it needs doing. (Piece of mind)
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Elements To Consider

The concept of website redesign is simple. Technology changes as fast as users’ online habits, meaning out-of-date websites can’t deliver on their expectations. People searching online for products or services that your business provides won’t stick around if your site is not current.

Websites that are out of date will generally find it near impossible to rank on Google rendering your site no better than burnt toast. Here are the four main elements to consider:

Responsive Design

Is your site mobile friendly? In other words, do visitors have to zoom or pinch the content to make it readable on their device?

Site Security

Google now expects your site to have SSL security. Are you displaying the green padlock in the browser address bar?

Google Ranking

Is your website ranking on Google as best it can? Is it ranking on page 1? Your brand needs to be visible to be found.

Customer Satisfaction

Do visitors return to your website? Did they find value in their last visit and consider your website worth revisiting?

Call to Action

Are visitors staying on your website or do they leave without making contact? If a visitor cannot find what they are looking for, they will simply leave.

Brand Reflection

Your website is a tool of business and one of the most important aspects is brand reflection. Making sure your website reflects your brand, story and services is key.


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