Website Health Check

because performance matters
The Website Health Check test is specifically for those that already have a website and would like to know how it is performing using 4 sets of key metrics. This Website Health Check test is an overview, and it’s certainly not an in-depth test by any stretch. For a more comprehensive and technical breakdown, GTmetrix is the tool of choice.

4 Key Metrics

This Website Health Check looks at four key metrics to see where a given web page might need attention.

1. Website Performance

When looking at website performance, we look at 6 Key Components. The following components are considered the bare minimum that needs to be achieved to get Google (and other Search Engines) to notice your page.

Page Size

website health check page size image

The heavier the site page, the slower the load. For optimal performance, try to keep page size below 3MB.

Page Requests

website health check page requests image

The more HTTP requests your website makes, the slower it becomes. Combine files to minimise the number of requests made.

Page Speed

website health check page speed image

World-class webpages should load within 4 seconds. Any slower and visitors will abandon your site, reducing conversions and sales.

Browser Caching

Browser caching speeds up your website by storing frequently used content in local memory.

Page Redirects

Page redirects add additional weight to the loading cycle, increasing the time to display the page.


Correctly compressed JavaScript and CSS will supercharge your site, making it run faster.

2. Mobile Friendly

Traffic from mobile devices is growing fast. Optimise your website for mobile, or you’ll miss out on valuable traffic, leads, and revenue.


Responsive design gives you a bump in search rankings for searches on mobile devices.

Page Speed

Page speed is a measurement of how fast the content on your page loads: slow speed = fewer customers.

3. Website Security

SSL certificates protect websites from attacks and give visitors confidence that your site is authentic and trustworthy.


Do The Test Yourself

To do the test yourself, head over to the Website Grader and enter your site’s address ( or

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