Web Design

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Regardless of the type of Web Design you need, only a true professional can get it right. Business web design is a serious job to undertake; after all, this type of web design needs to work as a business tool.

Any website, especially a business website, must reflect the brand, the brands’ mission, products or services in the most effective way possible.

Which Web Design Service?

Web Design, as a discipline, has many skill requirements. To be a competent web designer, one must be skilled in all areas of web design. Fortunately, you have come the right place.

What kind of website do you need?

Basic Website

A one-page website may be all you need to get started. You can add as many pages as you like.

Ecommerce Site

Are you selling - or planning to sell items through a website? eCommerce is your answer.

Catalogue Website

Need to show off your products or services? A snazzy catalogue website will work.

Blog Website

Or maybe you have stories to share with a devoted readership.

What Pages Do You Need?

What pages does your website need? Here are some of the standard page types. Your site may need all of them or just some of them.

Home Page

Every website needs a home page, and it's typically the first-page visitors land on when they visit your site.

About Page

Your about page is where you tell potential customers more about your company and what you stand for.

Products / Services

You should have a page for each product or service you provide, clearly highlighting the features and benefits of each.

FAQ's Page

Visitors may be looking for answers to questions, a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page can help you provide them.

Portfolio Page

It would help if you offered examples of your previous work; a portfolio page is where you can showcase them.

Testimonials Page

Visitors may want to see reviews from previous customers. A testimonial page is where you show them.

Blog Page

A blog is where you show visitors that you know your stuff. Give them free tips on a subject they need help understanding.

Contact Page

Your contact page is where you tell visitors how to contact you. Include a form and map to show your location.

Terms & Privacy Pages

The dull legal small print regarding the use of your website and your products or services protects everyone.

Web Design Process

After eight-plus years of developing a process for building websites, It’s no surprise to learn that I have a simple set of stages to ensure a successful result—for everyone involved.


The first step is to gather as much information as possible from the customer.


I create a working prototype to see if you (my customer) and I are on the same page.


Create a functional website, making changes to reflect opportunities discovered from step two.

Go Live

Make your website live, finish testing for gremlins and tell Google that your site exists.

Web Design Packages

Every business is different with unique online requirements. We can undoubtedly achieve whatever you require but to make life simple, we have designed two packages most commonly sought.


A full-function website to kick start your business.

  • Full Function WordPress Site
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Custom Design
  • SEO Optimised
  • Google Optimised
  • Guaranteed Fixed Price
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


no more to pay—guaranteed

Fully Loaded

Everything for getting started PLUS so much more.

  • Site Care Package
  • Content Creation
  • Domain Registration
  • Premium Web Hosting
  • SSL Security
  • Nightly Backups
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee


no more to pay—guaranteed

If you think I can help let me know!

Kevin Oliver Web Design is all about helping those with online ambitions. I am well aware that ideas are sometimes hard to share, but you can rest assured I will never share your ideas with anyone.


  • If you want to upgrade or create an attractive website, and even more important, a website that can navigate all Google's labyrinthine processes to achieve maximum connectivity with potential customers, than Kevin is the man to do it. Patient at explaining the technicalities, efficient at navigating them, and delightful to work with. Highly recommended.

    - Robin Hawdon Author, Screenwriter, and Playwright

  • I needed a very basic one-page website so people could see that I actually exist. Kevin designed exactly what I wanted. No bells, no whistles, just a point of contact for my customers. I highly recommend Kevin's services.

    - Ken Blandford Aussie Dig Services Locator

  • Kevin did an outstanding, professional job redesigning my site. I have no problem recommending Kevin for the quality and professionalism that I experienced every step of the way! I look forward to a long lasting relationship.

    - Pat McDonald WindowPro Professional Cleaning

  • As a small company in Nepal, we were looking for a reasonably-priced design team to help us bring to life the website we had in mind.

    - Krishna Thapa Ammonite Adventures, Nepal