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Kevin Oliver Web Design is a professional web design studio based in Noosa, servicing Australia Wide.

Brilliant web design is what I strive for every time. But there is so much more to effective web design.

Getting every aspect of design right requires special skills, which are generally too dull to mention.

I have been designing and developing websites since 2013, and in that time, I’ve seen gaps in the market and my customer’s knowledge.

The result is that I primarily specialise in website redesign and website performance.

Often, the two go hand in hand, as does web design as a whole. Read on to see how I may be able to help your brand.

brilliant service, unbelievable results

Kevin Oliver Web Design – What Makes Me Different?

For a start, I primarily specialise in website redesign and website performance; also, I take on just one project at a time.

The main benefit to my customers is that I give absolute dedication to their project. The significant difference is that I only take on projects my customers are passionate about themselves.

The equation is simple: Enthusiastic Customer + Dedicated Designer = Brilliant Outcome.
  • Absolute dedication to your project
  • 8+ years of web design experience
  • Fixed, Realistic prices on all projects
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Kevin Oliver Web Design

beautiful // engaging // effective

No matter what type of Web Design you need, only a true professional can get it right the first time.

A website is a serious undertaking that must perform to reflect your brand, mission, products and services.

Most importantly, your site needs to connect with customers in the most effective way possible.

Every project includes at a minimum:

Website reDesign

get fresh // get relevant // get seen

Kevin Oliver Web Design specialises in Website Redesign.

There is nothing more satisfying than taking old, tired looking and slow loading websites to life, bringing them in line with current best practices.

The biggest benefactor of a website redesign (other than improved conversions) is your visitors.

Not only will they enjoy an excellent user experience, but they are also more likely to become new and loyal customers.

Your Website is Like a Toaster…

When it gets old, it will burn your toast!

kevin oliver web design image

The concept of website redesign is simple.

Technology changes as fast as users’ online habits, meaning out-of-date websites can’t deliver on their expectations.

Websites that are out of date will generally find it nearly impossible to rank on Google and render your site no better than burnt toast.

People searching online for products or services that your business provides won’t stick around if your site is not current.

Furthermore, websites that are out of date will generally find it near impossible to rank on Google, rendering your site no better than burnt toast.

Kevin Oliver Web Design – Website Performance

because performance matters

Website Performance is often considered unimportant.

But Google considers the matter seriously enough to use it as a critical metric for determining how to rank a page.

Perhaps it’s worth considering how to leverage your site’s performance to better engage with your visitors.

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